Episode Twelve - Coy Arty Ugly

In episode twelve, live from James Franco’s latest “art” “exhibition”, Peter and Bec talk celebrity attachment parenting, Toowoomba’s hottest new restaurant and broaden the podcast’s appeal by spoiling ‘Game of Thrones’ for everyone. Notorious misandrist Rebecca Shaw Spicers up your life discussing a very controversial piece about kids on planes and Peter is just angry he had to sit next to the Banks children from ‘Mary Poppins’. Bustin’ out of the nineties, but only just, Peter and Bec fight the moonlight and each other over the 2000 sleepover favourite ‘Coyote Ugly’. Plus: News Minute, Sports, conception methods, Peter’s number one fear, Carole King and introductory bitterness or your money back. 

Episode Eleven - What's Your Favourite Scary Podcast?

In episode eleven, live from country superstar Reba McEntire’s 59th birthday party, Peter and Bec talk podcast adultery, the Real Housewives of Melbourne, Toowoomba and St George and drop some totally fat beats in order to racially vilify Attorney-General George Brandis. As promised, Peter and Bec explain it all when it comes to  Melissa Joan Hart’s autobiography and Bec’s MJH knowledge is put to the test in the new game ‘Melissa or Malala?’. In Movie Club, is cult teen slasher flick ‘Scream’ (1996) really a feminist text or is this podcast drunk at the wheel? Plus: News Minute, Sports, MICF recommendations, random ‘Felicity’ theories nobody ever asked for, buffet tips and much, much less. 

Episode Ten - The Bachelor Girl

Live from They Forgot To Say Where comes the most casual episode of Bring A Plate yet. It’s the Straya Day long weekend and Peter and Bec share their complicated feelings about our national day and what truly makes them proud to be Australian – the upcoming Schapelle Corby telemovie. Bec is disappointed about The Bachelor, but not the Chris O’Donnell movie and Peter wants you to switch off The Biggest Loser and only eat truckloads of junk food on camera if it is for a fetishist and you are getting paid $$$. In Movie Club, it’s 1994’s tense action epic Speed – “the bus that couldn’t slow down”. Plus: News Minute, Sport, Hottest 100, buses and trains, and an exciting announcement for our three Sydney listeners!

Episode Nine - The Magic of Meryl

In episode nine, live from Richard Wilkins’ shadow on the Golden Globes red carpet, Bec and Peter (who are wearing SHORTS) talk August: Osage County, Bec’s Family Feud and the timelessness of dick pics. Bec plates up a filthy platter of bad TV and film remakes we can look forward to in 2014, one of which forces Peter to lie down for a bit. Meanwhile, Peter ‘Hot Breakfast’ Taggart joined a dating app and is going to get murdered, no question.  In Movie Club, Bec wants to set fire to Mrs Doubtfire and asks ‘Was Daniel Hillard the first men’s rights activist?’ Plus: News Minute, Sports, Peter and Bec’s improvised TV idea, Kaley Cuoco, our resolutions for the new year and the most unlistenable closing duet yet. 

Episode Eight - A Bey in a Manger

In episode eight, live from the line to sit on Kmart Santa’s lap at Indooroopilly Shopping Town, Peter welcomes Bec back from the US and is ready to start a full-on war with the Campbell/Callea podcast – and on Bey Day, of all days! Peter is still bitter about someone who unfollowed him on Twitter and pretends his anger is part of a broader conversation about the validity of YouTube ‘celebrities’. Bec meanwhile has caught Catching Fire and wants more ladies in family films, quelle surprise! In Movie Club, Home Alone and Home Alone II: Lost in New York document the heart-warming rise of a budding young sociopath and where exactly do the McCallisters get their dough? Plus: News Minute, Sports, Lesbian News, a calf named Brandon, Emma Bunton’s new job, xBrad68 and Peter exclusively pitches a new drama to HBO. God bless us, every one.  

Episode Seven - She's All Gai

In episode seven, live from a marquee (de Condorcet) at the spring racing carnival, Peter and Bec talk Brynne Edelsten, stupid horses, the mysteries of James Franco’s Instagram and funeral selfies. In a vain attempt to win an NAACP award, Peter asks if “blackface” is ever ok. Meanwhile, as if life isn’t disappointing enough, Bec brings a bowl of disappointing celebrities. In Movie Club, it’s the oft-parodied She’s All That (spoiler alert: she isn’t). Plus: News Minute, Sports, pubey pizzas, Peter helps Bec prepare for her trip abroad and it’s a BIRTHDAY SURPRISE, LEZZIE MCGUIRE!

Episode Six - The Call Is Coming From Inside The Mercure

In episode six, live from a tent outside One Direction’s Brisbane hotel, Peter and Bec fully stan for 1D, decide which 1D member is the Beyonce and which is the Sebago and give you a great costume idea ahead of Halloween. Peter takes to his soapbox to vent about “gay” Company and Bec has a timely warning about Krokodil. In a bewitching Movie Club, The Craft very sensitively handles issues such as racism, sexual assault and self-harm - praise be to Manu! Plus: News Minute, the triumphant return of Lesbian News, Peter’s favourite fingering story and the Ruby Rose/Rebecca Shaw feud escalates – and Ruby has a surprising ally!

Episode Five - Naval Gazing

In episode five, live aboard the HMAS Leeuwin at the 2013 International Fleet Review, Peter and Bec are joined by disgustingly young Brisbane writer Laurence Barber to discuss Melissa Joan Hart’s drug history, all new Homeland and the legit comeback of Bucket Hats™. Get full-on square-eyed as the trio argue why episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Felicity and Family Ties deserve a place in the BAP TV Hall of Fame and play along in the ultimate TV Trivia Quiz (Queers). In Movie Club, Steven Spielberg’s ‘Hook’ is a lot longer than you remember. Plus: News Minute, Celeb Goss and what flower girls are getting wrong.


Episode Four - A Very Vanstone Election Special

In a *special* episode four, live from Labor’s election after-party, Peter and Bec are joined by the Stage Door Podcast’s Tyson Armstrong to dissect the best election night coverage, ponder where Amanda Vanstone buys her shirts and plan how to get to Bunnings under a new Abbott Government. Peter introduces Bec and Tyson to Australia’s new parody song star and the three play a round of ‘F*ck, Marry, Gypsy’ with revelatory results. And, despite completely abandoning all structure this episode, Movie Club is back with Michael Bay’s Paris-destroying 1998 blockbuster Armageddon. Plus: Intruders, DOLLY love spells, BatBoy, Weird Twitter and Andie MacDowell!

Episode Three - Waiting for Brandy (or 'Do These Guys Ever Shut Up?')

In episode three, live from Brandy’s rapidly-filling Johannesburg concert, Peter and Bec explore accents, make fun of New Zealand for being progressive and great and get their NIDA on in a very dramatic reading of the Lady Gaga/Perez Hilton twitter feud. Bec explains why the UN is controlling the weather in Rockhampton and Peter watched the Oprah/Lindsay interview so you don’t have to. In Movie Club, Peter watched Jurassic Park for the first time through the bottom of a bottle of wine. Plus: News Minute, Lesbian News, awkward nephew questions, Bec the Misandrist and two sexy new sponsors!

Episode Two - It Gets Better, Julia Stiles.

In episode two, live from the Stockmen’s Bar at Brisbane’s Ekka, Peter and Bec talk Oporto and offer unsolicited advice for people going through a rough time. Bec dishes up the Brisbane woman Gawker is calling ‘Australia’s Sarah Palin’ and Peter comes up with some lazy excuse to read praise notes about himself. Plus: Bad hair and closeted lesbianism in ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, something pretty Raven and who the hell is Amber Tamblyn anyway? And, in a twist nobody saw coming, who doesn’t survive the podcast? Tune in and find out!

Episode One - I Know What You Did Last Splendour

 In this inaugural episode, live from Splendour in the Grass, Peter and Bec discuss the food hall near his house, what unites chef Poh Ling Yeow and Ziggy and the ‘Flowers in the Attic’ remake, before launching into the first (and potentially final) News Minute. Bec plates up a steaming pile of Clive Palmer’s dino-obession, while Peter moans about Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s cutesy persona and tells a terrifying billeting story. In the first edition of Movie Club, Peter and Bec have an in-depth, highly analytical discussion of the ‘I Know What You Did’ movies and the two reasons for their greatness. Plus: Your letters and our first sponsor! (Contains frequent coarse language, adult themes and poor post-production)