Episode Twenty One - Peter and Bec Go Their Own Way

In Episode Twenty One, live from an Anglican Church waiting for our Lord to die and rise again, Peter and Bec talk about preschool for adults, slide into a hot tub with Men Going Their Own Way and are compelled to burp and blink along with Robert Durst in THE JINX. Then it’s Cruz Control all the way with a look at the campaign of Republican Presidential hopeful and the other, OTHER Belushi brother, Senator Ted Cruz. In Movie Club, it’s time for Julia Stiles’ hair to make its triumphant return to Bring A Plate, this time in the 2001 teen hip hop melodrama  ‘Save The Last Dance’. Plus: News Minute, Sports, a troubling flu jab story, fleshlights, acid reflux and the debut of an exciting Courtney Barnett impression.