Episode Thirty Two - Religion

In Episode Thirty Two, following the extensive letter-writing campaign, Peter and Bec finally discuss RELIGION. Who is God? Why? And How? Upsetting church-related anecdotes, sordid youth group tales and all the big questions you ponder late into the night semi-answered. Plus: Hotels vs Motels, rude interruptions, the Carlisle/Gunn theory and a lively Endgame of ‘Chris or Cross for Christ’.

Episode Thirty One - The Net

In Episode Thirty One, Peter and Bec return with a review of a mid-nineties classic thriller – THE NET! Plus: CoStar, Captain GetUp, chatrooms, lesbian jawlines and a brand new game with a brand new theme song!  

Episode Thirty - The Sydney 2000 Olympics

In Episode Thirty, a new era of Bring A Plate is born. Or is it? It is. In the first episode back, Peter and Bec plate up just one topic – the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Plus: bad ears, clear urine, broken bodies and not one but TWO Nikkis. 

Episode Twenty Nine - Live From Tuggeranong

In Episode Twenty Nine, LIVE (actually) from the Tuggeranong Arts Centre in Canberra, Peter and Bec talk about their feud with a famous map, share their Capital memories and reach out to Olivia Newton John's 'missing' ex. Then Buzzfeed's Alice Workman hops on the mic to run through the highlights and lowlights of the same-sex marriage postal survey campaign. In BAP Book Club, it's a Queensland CLASSIC celebrating its 10th anniversary. Plus: suss survey unicorns, Serial season four, sexual awakenings and a very special live reading of Peter's new play. 

Episode Twenty Eight - Phonebanking For Shania

In Episode Twenty Eight, live and loud from (Love You) BRISBANE, Peter and Bec discuss the first Yes and No ads of the postal survey, a big spoof and the gay couple who say they'll vote against marriage equality. Then, Peter loses his mind about Shania Twain's comeback and berates the listener. And by popular demand the movie review is back with 1998's 'Stepmom'! Plus: abandoned cats, scary clowns, not one but TWO flawless Julia Roberts impressions and details of Bring A Plate's next LIVE SHOW. 

Episode Twenty Seven - A Respectful Debate

In Episode Twenty Seven, live from two unliveable cities, Peter and Bec discuss the celebs who made the 28 Club, the marriage equality postal survey, Twitter’s favourite white supremacists, the former Pussycat Doll who came out as Conservative and return with the most beloved game in BAP history. You asked for it (citation needed) and Bring A Plate is back to prove once and for all that yes, 2017 can get worse.

Episode Twenty Six - A Coupla Croc Poachers

In Episode Twenty Six, live from a John and Yoko-style bed-in at an over-priced hotel, Peter and Bec talk Sydney - the City of Brides and the City of Bottle Shops That Close at 10pm. They sweat-out the ‘Summer of George’ and discuss LGBT content on Netflix with Zero Chill. Post lamb ad-controversy, Peter plates up some raw, vegan memes from the dankest corners of the vegan web. Then in Movie Club, it’s an Australian classic – 1986’s Crocodile Dundee and why we’re all very proud of Bindi!!! Plus: News, Sport, Nigella’s gorgeous pillow face, Frank Walker, ‘Is It Feminist?’ and much more! Can fish be women? 

Episode Twenty Five - Second Anniversary High Tea, All Shade

In Episodé Twenty Five, live from the Cozy Corner Café in St George Queensland, Peter and Bec celebrate a HUGE second anniversary show by swapping stories of falls they’ve had, remembering Mark Latham’s Twitter account (RIP) and getting some serious fitspo from Instagram’s vaginal weight lifter. Then, a much-hyped mystery guest answers YOUR questions in an advice segment that should be called “Really, It’s Come To This?” In Movie Club it’s the 2002 Britney Spears-vehicle (in a vehicle) road trip-sisterhood-rom-com CROSSROADS. Plus: News, Sports, a boulevard of broken ribs, the return policy of jade eggs, midriffs, a Passiona vs Pasito blind taste test and a rousing game of ‘Is It Feminist?’. Thanks for sticking with us these two long years, we love you. 

Episode Twenty Four - A League Of Extraordinary Gentlewomen

In Episode Twenty Four, live from the 2015 Hillsong Conference at Allphones Arena, Peter and Bec have their first truly religious experience outside a food court, argue the authenticity of Facebook’s rainbow profile overload and audition for the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical ‘Fun Home’. Then it’s back-to-back ladiezzzzz with a passionate look at the rise and rise of women’s football in Australia and, in Movie Club, the rise and fall of the Rockford Peaches in 1992’s smash hit dramedy ‘A League Of Their Own’. Plus: News Minute, Sports, mistaken identity, A Place To Call Penis Home, BAP Live cherished mems, Rebecca Shaw does a celebrity impression and the bone-breaking, grave-digging resurrection of Lesbian News. 

Episode Twenty Three - Bring A Plate LIVE at The Wheeler Centre

In Episode Twenty-Three, live from The Wheeler Centre for Emerging Writers Festival 2015, Peter and Bec pander to the Melbourne crowd, do a few groundbreaking ‘airport’ bits and talk about the Marriage Equality Bill before Australian Parliament. Then they're joined by RETURN GUEST, writer Brodie Lancaster, as they discuss the evolution of fan culture online by reading fan fiction, scrolling through an aspiring stalker's Instagram posts and recreating a famous Larry Stylinson moment of pure sex. Peter and Bec ditch their regular film review to critique a classic piece of American literature in honour of EWF15. Plus: News, Sports, the Lady from Lush™, Ranger Stacey Massage and a live reading of Peter’s epic poem ‘My Gilmore Year’.  

Episode Twenty Two - Hashtag Dash Class

In Episode Twenty Two, live from the Logies red carpet, Peter and Bec take a look at television’s “interview of the year” and its aftermath, before excitedly rambling about the entries in Eurovision 2015. Then it’s all about GetUp’s campaign to highlight the “pink tax” – are you paying too much for your feminine calculator? And who will get a raise at the tampon factory – Peter or Bec? In Movie Club it’s the 1995 buddy cop action comedy ‘Bad Boys’ aka “the worst review we’ve ever done”. Plus: News Minute, Sports, Cosima’s nodes, the worst set dressing of a lesbian sitcom, Miss Dionne minds the gap and lots of humiliating begging for you to come to BRING A PLATE LIVE at The Wheeler Centre on June 1st. 

Episode Twenty One - Peter and Bec Go Their Own Way

In Episode Twenty One, live from an Anglican Church waiting for our Lord to die and rise again, Peter and Bec talk about preschool for adults, slide into a hot tub with Men Going Their Own Way and are compelled to burp and blink along with Robert Durst in THE JINX. Then it’s Cruz Control all the way with a look at the campaign of Republican Presidential hopeful and the other, OTHER Belushi brother, Senator Ted Cruz. In Movie Club, it’s time for Julia Stiles’ hair to make its triumphant return to Bring A Plate, this time in the 2001 teen hip hop melodrama  ‘Save The Last Dance’. Plus: News Minute, Sports, a troubling flu jab story, fleshlights, acid reflux and the debut of an exciting Courtney Barnett impression. 

Episode Twenty - It's Time For Julie

In Episode Twenty, live from an Academy Award nominee’s driveway, Peter and Bec talk Julianne Moore’s Oscar hopes, look at the Kickstarter to fund a Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan museum in an apartment hallway and get down and stay down in discussing the 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon. It’s back to school for students across the nation and for Peter and Bec who have pens and notepaper at the ready for a lesson in ‘How To Be Funny’ straight from Peter’s 1999 diary. Then, in honour of Julianne’s Oscar (she has it by the time you are reading this, probably) it’s Julie Meets Power Suits Meets Rebecca De Tuna Mornay in the 1992 psychological thriller ‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’. Plus: News Minute, Sports, acrostic poems, lots of talk about period blood for all the fans, the place where you can put your wind chimes and a very thoughtful Valentines surprise. 

Episode Nineteen - No Glove No Love, Actually

In Episode Nineteen, live from Carols In The Domain, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with Peter and Bec as they complain about stingy relatives, angrily defend (but in a festive way) Yumi Stynes and review NBC’s big holiday event, ‘Peter Pan Live’. Plagiarising their own show, Peter and Bec look back at the year to find out who’s been naughty and nice in 2014.Then it’s a deeply analytical and hungover look at the much-adored and much-maligned romantic Christmas favourite ‘Love Actually’. Plus: News Minute, Sports, lezzy moments, Wendy Matthews, too much singing and a sweaty reading of erotic fan fiction to ring in the new year. 

Episode Eighteen - Sissy That Walken

In Episode Eighteen, live from Henry Cavill Ave in Surfers Paradise, Peter and Bec hand out red frogs to wasted teens while reflecting on their own wild and crazy Schoolies experiences, recap the ARIAs which neither of them watched and hail Abigail for bringing back the scorned lover "hit" single. Then a too-brief peek at the very reasonable and well-armoured world of Doomsday Preppers. At the movies find out why 1999's 'Blast from the Past' is the last word in anti-commie rom-coms. Plus: News Minute, Sports, cry triggers, destroying Chat 10 Looks 3, deb ball ringlets and a tall, cloudy glass of Madison Avenue, drink it in and dance.

Episode Seventeen - Bring A Plate Hulaween OR The Movie Has Two Faces

In Episode Seventeen, live from Hulaween, Peter and Bec bob for the big candied apple, swap positively terrifying stories of speaking in public and attending parties, are haunted by bad TV and share their top Halloween costume ideas for 2014. A spooky pamphlet puts Peter in touch with his manhood and Bec in touch with her inner crystal. In Movie Club, it’s a super double feature of the much-maligned Batman Forever (1995) and Batman and Robin (1997). Plus: News Minute, Sports, Lesbian News, sore feet and Chaka Khan.  And just when the show really hits De-Gas, Peter has minor microphone issues for the last 10 minutes – consider yourself both tricked and treated. 

Episode Sixteen - Wino Forever

In Episode Sixteen, live from Brisbane Writers Festival, Peter and Bec throw cold water over a world-famous author, analyse why Peter is playing with Lego at 25, join Andrew Keegan’s cult and review Lifetime’s Unauthorised Saved By The Bell Story telemovie. After an unaired fight, Peter and Bec discuss the nude photo hack that rocked Hollywood and #GamerGate, which Peter pretends to know things about – hashtag #BurnTheInternet. In Movie Club, it’s the 1994 cult classic ‘Reality Bites’ and it sure does. Plus: News Minute, Sports, what Bec stole from Granny Mays, the debut of an “ok” Alan Rickman impression and the last ever Bring A Plate Poetry Slam. 

Episode Fifteen - The Bring A Plate First Anniversary Bectacular

In episode fifteen, live from Rumours International Conference Centre in Toowoomba, Peter and Bec have their orthopedic party shoes on for the first anniversary of the podcast. Amongst abundant platters of the finest vol-au-vents from Clifford Gardens, they share their World Cup highlights, analyse the Thorpedo “coming out” one week on and ask why The View invited back noted conspiracy theorist and shark murderer Rosie O'Donnell. Bec brings us the news rocking the 2D world of comic enthusiasts and Kumbaya My Lorde, Peter takes some notes on camp. In Movie Club, a film you voted for so you only have yourself to blame. Plus: News Minute, Sports, tales from 'da club' and Mat-ch Game with special guest Mat Whitehead. Let the bells ring out.

Episode Fourteen - Can't Hardly Working

In Episode Fourteen, live from a spare room in freezing Stanthorpe, Peter and Bec point out glaring feminist frightbat omissions, celebrate Mum-brand humiliation and for the first time, Rebecca Shaw-Dally-Watkins answers your etiquette questions. Peter introduces his Thesis topic on fandom and social media, giving everyone an excuse to revisit the B*witched AngelFire fan site. In Movie Club it's 1998's 'Can't Hardly Wait' and the party never stops, except if you're Ethan Embry. Plus: News Minute, Sports, Zoosk (?), Bec's date with a B105 DJ and the absolute last appearance of 'Jennifer Love Working'.

Episode Thirteen - Not With A Knife, But Witherspoon

In episode thirteen, live from the March in May, Peter and Bec swap gruesome tales of visits to the school dental van, inspect Dolly Parton’s West Hollywood Nanna pad and welcome Geoff Edelsten’s latest girlfriend to Australia. Rapping a very late budget wrap-up, Peter and Bec ask if it’s ever ok to criticise the children of politicians, but mostly just talk about how cool smoking is. In Movie Club, Peter and Bec call special guest and hilarious writer Brodie Lancaster to discuss the gross/sexy 1996 thriller ‘Fear’ and completely forget to recap the plot beforehand, so just ‘Bing it’ or something. Plus: News Minute, Sports, a baffling edition of Lesbian News, inappropriate things you should try at a theme park, a couple of insights into Peter’s body, Bec’s beat boxing and, of course, Shakaya.